How virtual technologies can help getting you the Real Thing : Pianobello

A few days ago, I fell on a service called Pianobello. The simple (but great) concept is to transform a midi file into a piano recording.
So with a few minutes to spare, I played a small improvisation on my midi keyboard, and sent it of to try.
By magic (no I’m kidding, there’s quite a bit of work being done in the Pianobello Lab) I got the audio recording of the song by mail a few hours later.
Bob, the man behind the magic (who’s French by the way), is very accessible and nice. He’s open to all kind of demands (sound quality, microphone placement, dynamic ranges…) and lives for the love of Piano.

I decided to do a small machinima film to present the product, because for me, this is just the perfect example of how easy transformations between virtual and real (mecanic, acoustic…) can be.

Well done Pianobello for such a great idea. I have the impression I’m going to use your service too much for my budget 🙂

Pour les francophones, voici un bel article sur le service en question

Here are the 2 files for you to hear :

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