Tribal Net, lets all own our own Opensim Island

A few days ago, while reading UgoTrade‘s great blog, I discovered a great new initiative around Opensim, called Tribal Net.

Why is it so great ?

Well, with a simple small download and a short registration  process, you’ll have the possibility to build your own sim – island, publish it online for others to explore, or simply just explore other sims without building anything.

The building process can be done offline (by keeping everything local) or online (letting others see you build).

The whole process is very simple, the hardest is setting up your router by redirecting the right ports, all the rest is automatic and easy.

So what’s so new?
Well, compared to a normal Opensim installation, it’s much much easier, and automatically joins your sim onto a existing grid. That way a real community can be created without any hassle.
The other useful thing, is that the avatar server is controlled directly by Tribanet, so you can connect to any other sim without having to run any server locally.

Of course, it’s based on opensim, so compared to SecondLife ™ there are still a few things missing or not completely functional, but the developers are working very hard (and quite fast) and have nothing to prove (they started the whole opensim project), so hopefully, as time goes by, more functions will appear.

All I can say is “Thanks guys”, because it’s a real pleasure to see such great ideas around the opensim project, and I’m sure that in a few years, Tribal Net will be a main actor in virtual worlds.

So don’t hesitate any longer, and get yourself a Tribal Net account (oh yes, everything is totally free 🙂 ) and come and meet me on my own little island (and if all goes well, I’ll be doing a concert soon, to try out the maximum load)

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