RealXtend Gallery in Arkala Island

Call for Submissions.

The 3rd Eye team is searching for screenshots of newborn realXtend sims with the goal of creating a second life and internet gallery with all the new and amazing creations of the realXtend pioneers, with information about the creators and (hopefully) login details to visit the sims.

For submission of images and more information please send an email to

Please provide the following informations with the image:
– Builder’s Real Name
– Avatar name – company (if any)
– Short introduction of the island concept and related website if any
– IP adresse and login informations (if the Island is public)

Please help us spread the word! Give this notecard to all your friends interested in reX!

Thanks and see you soon on SL arkala island and reX sims!!
The 3rd Eye team

SL contact: Zitromax Dagostino
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reX gallery

3rd Eye Arkala Island supports realXtend

Arkala, Island of Innovations, is proud to host a realXtend point in Second Life.

The 3rd Eye Company, born in Second Life and based in Arkala Island, is formed by people of different countries, different age and skills but with the same aim: developing tools for connecting Second Life to other virtual worlds and to Real Life.
The 3rd Eye team will organize meetings in Arkala Island with the realXtend developers team and offer a meeting point for all people that, like us, are interested in reX, second life, and in the interconnections that happens between the different virtual worlds and reality.

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